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Transmax TR 60 Caps

Transmax TR 60 Caps
Brand: Biotivia
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Biotivia Supplements Transmax TR 60 Caps Description

The miracle molecule just keeps getting better and better

Biotivia, the leading Resveratrol manufacturer in the US and Europe, has developed a new sustained time release Resveratrol supplement which provides a unique dosage option not available in any other high potency resveratrol product. By utilizing a patented sustain release technology Biotivia has extended the activity of Transmax in the blood stream evenly over a period of 12 hours versus a half life for competitors´ Resveratrol of about 20 minutes.

Since the study done by Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard in which mice fed Resveratrol lived 31% longer then the control mice fed a diet without Resveratrol. This so called ´miracle molecule´ has been the subject of huge interest and study by the medical and scientific communities for its potential anti-diabetes, anti-obesity, and longevity properties.

Biotivia has supported many of these animal and human trials with its Transmax supplement. In fact, Transmax has become the preferred resveratrol supplement by scientists and researchers investigating the health effects of resveratrol.

One of the issues noted in some of these studies is the relatively short half-life of Resveratrol in human blood and tissue, leading some scientists to conjecture that Resveratrol´s therapeutic effectiveness against certain disorders may be limited by this factor. Biotivia addressed this challenge two years ago by developing a proprietary Resveratrol supplement which had more than double the half-life and the bio-availability of this unique nutrient in Transmax. This is one reason why Transmax is considered to be the gold standard in high potency resveratrol supplements.

Now the scientists at Biotivia, working in collaboration with scientists at its Italian affiliate in Bergamo, have gone one step further. They have developed a patented time release version of the Trans-Resveratrol molecule which extends the effective concentration of the anti-oxidant and longevity supplement from around 90 minutes to about 12 hours.

This breakthrough means that those people who are being prescribed Resveratrol by their health care professionals as a treatment for serious medical conditions can now benefit from a continuous even concentration of the Trans-Resveratrol isomer. Healthy people who are taking Resveratrol for its beneficial effects in terms of general health, energy, fitness and longevity my choose to continue using the original bio-enhanced version of Transmax.

As an example of a potentially ideal application of the sustained release version, Biotivia recently announced an agreement with the University of Ferrara to do human trials of its Transmax formulation on 20 Thalassemiapatients at a hospital in Italy. If these trials prove successful Biotivia intends to offer this new sustained release version of Transmax to Thalasemmia patients worldwide at a sharply discounted price. This could mean that hundreds of thousands of patients may soon be able to reduce or eliminate the need for monthly blood transfusions and their reliance upon expensive and highly toxic drug treatments.

Transmax has had its potency, safety and capsule claims ConsumerLab Validated. This is the only truly independent supplement verification of quality, quantity and integrity ... and Biotivia came out top in their tests when compared to other Resveratrol suppliers.

Another unique benefit to our resveratrol is that it contains far less Emodin than other Resveratrol brands. High Emodin levels found in many other brands can cause cramping and diarrhea but Biotivia Resveratrol has a safe 1% or less in it compared to over 5%, and up to 15% in competing products. This insures you will not experience gastric distress with Transmax or any other Biotivia product.

Transmax is currently being used by more medical schools and universities in human clinical trials than all other supplement brands together. Our quality, integrity, purity and manufacturing expertise meet the rigid standards of these institutions.

A premium product can only come from a premium supplier. Experience, resources, and strict quality control matter. Biotivia is the original resveratrol supplement manufacturer, not a company that was formed by marketers just to take advantage of the publicity resveratrol has received over the past year. Biotivia harvests its own raw materials from organic sources, processes its products in its own CGMP and SFDA certified facilities and rigidly tests every bottle to ensure potency. Biotivia is also the only manufacturer to use a patented Oxygen scavenging packaging system to protect our Resveratrol supplements from destructive oxidation each time the bottle is opened. This guarantees you the highest bio-availability. This is why every year for the past five years Bioforte and Transmax have been the world´s most popular resveratrol supplements.

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