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PteroMax 30 Caps

PteroMax 30 Caps
Brand: Biotivia
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Biotivia Supplements Pteromax 30 Caps Description


PteroMax. The Next Generation Resveratrol. Pterostilbene + Resveratrol + Polydatin + Polyphenols + OPCs.

It´s eqivalent to 200 lbs of Blueberries + 12 bottles of wine + 1100 pounds of grapes in every capsule!

Biotivia is the world´s first company to offer an ethical, high-potency Pterostilbene supplement. PteroMax is the result of over 4 years of research, testing and analysis.

Five years ago Biotivia introduced the first high potency resveratrol supplement to the world. Since then we have been copied and emulated but never equaled.

Transmax and Bioforte have consistently been the world´s most highly acclaimed and largest selling resveratrol products, by a very large margin, and Biotivia´s leading edge bioceutical supplements have earned respect and endorsement of the traditional medical and research communities.

PteroMax is unquestionably the Platinum standard of resveratrol stilbene supplements. It is the only such supplement designed by health professionals to match the specific proportions and concentrations found to be most effective in published scientific studies.

PteroMax contains 100mg of pure Pterostilbene in each capsule. This is 400 times the amount contained in the only other pterostilbene supplement for sale in either the US or Europe. It is equivalent to the Pterostilbene contained in 100kg (220 pounds) of raw organic blue berries.

Pterostilbene is the foundation of this revolutionary supplement, but Biotivia have gone a quantum step further by making PteroMax the first Multi-Stilbene, Multi-Polyphenol Complex modeled upon the work of the world´s top stilbene and resveratrol biologists, physicians and biochemists.

Polydatin is another remarkable resveratrol cousin. PteroMax is also the world´s first supplement to contain this safe, bio active resveratrol derivative with potent cholesterol lowering, anti oxidative stress, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cerebral-protective properties.

Trans-resveratrol is Biotivia´s speciality. No company or institution has more experience and expertise in the development and manufacturing of bio-enhanced Trans-resveratrol. To researchers and consumers alike, Resveratrol means Biotivia. PteroMax contains 250mg of full spectrum resveratrol in each capsule, more than most resveratrol-only supplements.

Pterostilbene complements resveratrol by activating various genes, proteins, and biological pathways, that resveratrol only weekly modulates or does not effect at all, to provide greater overall antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cognitive support, and anti-cholesterol benefits. Polydatin takes this one step further, and the OPCs and polyphenols in PteroMax catalyze the entire formulation.

To put it simply, PteroMax is off the charts, formulated to be the Ultimate Anti-Aging, Chemo-Preventative, health extending and enhancing supplement. Patent pending PteroMax has no equal in either the supplement or pharma world. There is no other product, natural or otherwise, that is comparable and there probably will not be for at least several years. Biotivia supplements fill the gap between medicinals and conventional dietary supplements.

PteroMax is designed, like all Biotivia supplements, to work in concert with the entire range of Biotivia´s resveratrol line, especially Bioforte, Transmax, Bio Shape and Bio Span.

Now that Biotivia has introduced a multi-stilbene formulation we expect to see a raft of companies jumping on this bandwagon, just as happened following our introduction of the original resveratrol supplement over five years ago. It is important to do your own research and make a one-for-one comparison before you spend hard earned dollars on an advanced supplement. There is only one PteroMax. Experience, Science, Quality Control, and Knowledge count.

What can I expect from PteroMax?

  • More energy
  • Better concentration
  • Improved mood
  • Improved physical endurance and general fitness
  • Reduced body fat and enhanced strength
  • Protection from free radical damage
  • Improved quality of health overall
  • Anti-inflammatory effects


Our concentrated complex of the polyphenols and stilbenes contains resveratrol and polydatin from the Chinese herb Polygonum cuspidatum. We have also added a wide spectrum of Oligomer Procyanodolic molecules (as found in red wine) and the super fruit extracts found in Bio Quench to increase the pathways triggered by PteroMax and optimize its antioxidative capacity.

PteroMax has been formulated to provide a scientifically balanced high-potency complex of the critical stilbenes Pterostilbene, trans-resveratrol and polydatin which have shown extraordinary health effects in multiple studies and trials.

Ptero Max is 100% pure. It contains no fillers, expanders or any other inert or non-functional ingredients. In common with many Biotivia products it is made to vegan standards. Most Biotivia products have been certified by the American Vegetarian Association. Pteromax is made to the same high standards that have made other Biotivia products a favorite with consumers and medical research teams. Relentless devotion to product quality is a Biotivia hallmark.

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