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Alpha Series BCAA 1kg

Alpha Series BCAA 1kg
Brand: Omega Sports
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Omega Sports Alpha Series BCAA Description:

Omega Sports is proud to present the Omega Alpha Series: A line of ultra-pure, ultra-premium grade dietary supplements that encompass only the most clinically and real-world proven ingredients. Containing no fillers, flavors or by-products, the Omega Alpha Seriespresents the vital building blocks to a better physique and increase athletic performance.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are one of the oldest and most widely used supplements of all time. In order to stand the test of time the way BCAA´s have, they undoubtedly have to work at repairing and rebuilding muscle faster than most any other product on the market.

BCAA´s are literally the building blocks of protein and muscle tissue without adequate intake, one simply cannot perform to his maximum potential. BCAA´s are one of the simplest, smartest, most economical and most effective ways to ensure maximum muscle recovery, growth and overall athletic performance. If you are not supplementing with BCAA´s, you are not performing at optimal levels.

Omega Sports uses only the finest, laboratory tested ingredients available along with certified GMP manufacturing guidelines to ensure our product´s purity, potency and safety and is guaranteed to meet label claims.

Omega Sports BCAA´s can be combined with any other Omega Sports products, including Ultima, Trinitineand T-Forcefor synergistic results.

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