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Agmatine 60 Servings

Agmatine 60 Servings
Brand: Omega Sports
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Omega Sports Agmatine 60 Servings


Did you know the majority of Agmatine today is made from putrescine, the same gag-inducing chemical that gives decomposing and putrefying flesh it´s foul odor? Yeah, putrescine also contributes to the foul odor of bad breath and vaginal bacteriosis. And if that doesn´t gross you out, then get this. Putrescine is even found in semen. Generic Agmatine anyone? With Omega Sports® AgmaPure®, you get the most natural Agmatine Sulfate on the market today - 100% AgmaPure®. Unlike generic Agmatine, AgmaPure® is made from all-natural corn, and contains no putrescine-related impurities, no harmful by-products, and no toxins. So look twice at the labels when considering Agmatine. Because if it doesn´t say AgmaPure®, there´s no telling where it came from or what impurities you might be putting into your body.


Agmatine is a novel derivative of the amino acid L-Arginine. And, it´s quickly reaching legendary status for the incredibly full, long-lasting muscle pumps it creates. And not just "pretty" pumps, but real pumps that radically improve strength and muscular endurance. You see, like other nitric oxide precursors, Agmatine boosts nitric oxide production. But it also inhibits the enzymes that destroy nitric oxide. And this is where it really shines, as nitric oxide may build and build in your blood, and your pumps may get bigger and bigger as the hours go by. And it gets even better. Agmatine may improve your insulin response to carbs. And, combined with the improved blood flow, that means more carbs in your muscles, and less being stored as fat. And not only is this great for body composition, it can make your muscles (once pumped) look even bigger, too!


Agmatine is not considered one of the best new sports supplements today simply because it gets you pumped. Rather, it´s reaching legendary status for everything else it can do, too. Like what? Well, Agmatine acts as a neurotransmitter, and may improve cognitive performance by boosting your mood, focus, and clarity. Great for the gym, great for the office, and great for studying at school. Even better, Agmatine may stimulate the release of energy boosting, fat fighting hormones called catecholamines. And not just catecholamines, but muscle building, fat shredding hormones too like HGH and testosterone. It´s even believed to help fight pain, improve recovery, and provide powerfulanti-oxidant support.



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