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Citrulline Malate 200g

Citrulline Malate 200g
Brand: Muscle Feast
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Muscle Feast Citrulline Malate Description

Citrulline malate is a compound which is made by combining citrulline and malate salt or malic acid. Citrulline malate is also known by names like citrulline and citrulline ethyl ester. Various citrulline benefits can be experienced by those who consume citrulline malate in the recommended amount. The most important reason why citrulline malate is mostly popular is the stamina and elated energy levels that it provides for athletes and bodybuilders. It prepares their body to fight with muscle fatigue and boots the performance by enhancing muscle mass and quick recovery level. It is the reason why citrulline malate is often consumed and recommended by people who indulge in weight training and other such intense exercise routines.  Citrulline malate side effects are observed in case of its overdose. Citrulline malate removes body toxins and endotoxins like ammonia, lactic acid saturations. All these things affect performance and energy level of a person.
Why Muscle Feast, LLC?
We guarantee our supplements to be the freshest and purest available:   Muscle Feast, LLC supplements are manufactured under the strictest HACCP, FDA, and Kosher standards, producing the highest quality and purest supplements available. Our raw ingredients undergo state of the art analysis to ensure zero impurities and strict adherence to product labeling. When it comes to price and quality you can´t beat Muscle Feast.  We guarantee it!
Important facts you should know about our supplements:
Laboratory tested for purity
Strict adherence to GmP, HACCP and Kosher standards
Licensed and regularly inspected by The Ohio Department of Agriculture
Freshly manufactured - not expired or closeout
Backed by the Muscle Feast 30-day money back guarantee
FREE dosing scoop: Get the exact dosage every time with a free single-dose scoop. Fill to the top, not the line.
How can our Quality be so high and our prices so low?  We are able to keep our pricing so low because we are a relatively small manufacturer with very low overhead and we sell direct to the public. We source the same great suppliers used by more popular brands.
Notes: Citrulline malate has a sour taste and may be clumpy.
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