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In order to give the best products to our customers, we often update our products, improve our service quality to make sure that our customers will have good service. The main point of making good service is that we take our customer's feedback seriously, which are directly and indirectly reflect our work.


To be a creditworthy company, Jumax International Limited Co. strive to supply the best goods and shopping experience to all of customers. In our web-shop, you can easily find high quality products available on modern market in supplements industry. Shopping from us, you will get a full basket of valuable products.


For each package, we check products quality carefully and pack perfectly to make sure they can safely reach your hands. You will have wonderful and good bargain goods from our online store.


We continually researches the latest and most innovative sport nutrition and other healthy/beauty supplement lines to bring you the most advanced nutrition and other products available. We are proud to offer you one of the largest selections of professional-quality products the world has to offer.


Thank you for making  part of your supplements  source  routine. We hope that you will enjoy the product(s) that we have selected. Your satisfaction mean everything to us.


If you have questions or need assistance in using or choosing a product please don’t hesitate to reach us from “contact us” page.

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